Alternative investments

Seeking out companies who want to build a better UK economy

What we do

In the Alternative Investments team, we seek out new sectors for Octopus to explore. We already have teams focused on renewable energy, real estate, and venture capital, but we have ambitions to grow more. We are on the lookout for exciting new opportunities to invest in companies that want to make a positive impact on the UK’s future.

Our team is also responsible for managing the Octopus Inheritance Tax Service portfolio.

What we look for

  • Does your business need investment to drive growth in sectors currently undergoing change?
  • Do you need ÂŁ50 million or more over the course of a few years?
  • Are you an established company with big ambitions to scale or change your strategy?
  • Or are you a startup trying to seize opportunities in sectors that have gone stale?

If the answers are yes, we may be interested in investing in your company. Get in touch to find out more

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How we can help your business

For us, investment means much more than just providing the funds you need. When we invest, it’s for the long-term.

Our team builds strong relationships with founders and management teams to add value over many years. We’ll work with you closely, helping your business grow and react to any challenges that come up in the coming years. We also care about how the companies we invest in do business, so we focus on more than KPIs and asset growth.  

When we invest in your company, you’ll join the Octopus family. This means a network that spans a whole range of sectors, giving you brilliant opportunities to cooperate with other businesses and grow your own company in ways you wouldn’t have expected.

An expert team

Meet the team behind Alternative Investments at Octopus

Fibre broadband and sustainable infrastructure

With the government pushing for fibre broadband connectivity across the whole of the UK by 2025, there is a huge opportunity for companies looking to grow in this sector.

We want to invest in companies in this space and have ambitions to bring fibre connectivity to as many homes as possible.

Our team has already invested in Jurassic Fibre and Swish Fibre. Both companies are building fibre networks in under-served parts of the UK to upgrade internet connection speed.

If you’d like to discuss an opportunity in the fibre space, or indeed any other sector you think will be of interest to us, please contact us.

Jurassic Fibre

Jurassic Fibre are working to deliver ultrafast, full-fibre broadband across the South West of England, promising customers better connectivity than they’re used to.

Right now, they’re connecting homes in Devon, Dorset and Somerset, making a huge difference to the residents and economies of the communities they work in.

Swish Fibre

Swish Fibre are providing fibre connectivity to homes and business in the Home Counties. Starting with the Buckinghamshire area, Swish are installing fibre networks to provide broadband directly into homes.

Built for the increasing connectivity demands of modern homes and businesses, Swish delivers high quality broadband to customers who currently don’t have access to the best speeds.

Get in touch

If you’d like to talk to us about an opportunity in the fibre space, or in any other changing sector, please get in touch.