Public Affairs Statement

Octopus is investing in the people, ideas and industries that will change the world. We strongly believe there is no trade-off between ‘doing good’ and ‘making money’. Indeed, we believe that companies that understand what it means to make the world a better place, will deliver better financial returns for their investors over the coming decades.  

We passionately believe in making the UK the best place in the world to set up, scale up and list a company. Our policy engagement work is supporting UK businesses to unlock investment into solutions tackling humanity’s greatest challenges. We are revitalising our healthcare system, empowering people and communities, and building a sustainable planet to accelerate the journey to net-zero.

  • May 2020  Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Consultation regarding Contracts for Difference: proposed amendments to the scheme. 
  • June 2020  Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee Post-Pandemic Growth Super-Inquiry 
  • June 2020 HMT Consultation into Enterprise Management Incentives
  • June 2020 Department of Health Consultation into Women’s Health Strategy
  • July 2020 International Agreements Committee, House of Lords inquiry UK-Australia Trade Negotiations 
  • July 2020  Business Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee Post-Pandemic Growth, Industrial Strategy 
  • July 2020 Treasury Select Committee inquiry, Tax after Coronavirus 
  • August 2020  Department of Work and Pensions Review of the Default Fund Charge Cap and Standardised Cost Disclosure
  • August 2020  Economic Affairs Committee, Lords Select Committee inquiry – Employment and Covid 
  • August 2020  Treasury Select Committee inquiry, Decarbonisation and Green Finance 
  • September 2020  Department of Work and Pensions consultation: Improving Outcomes for Members of Defined Contribution Pension Schemes 
  • January 2021 HMT Budget representation 
  • March 2021 Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy – call for evidence: Enabling a High Renewable, Net Zero Electricity System 
  • May 2021 Treasury Select Committee Inquiry into Jobs, growth and productivity after coronavirus