About Simon Rogerson

When he was in his early 20s, Simon Rogerson left his fund manager job to co-found Octopus. Two decades later, he’s an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of a group of entrepreneurially-minded businesses.

Simon is an angel investor, business mentor and Ironman enthusiast (the triathlon event, not the superhero). He’s also a husband and father of three.

Key facts


Educated at the University of St Andrews
Co-founded Octopus in 2000
CEO of Octopus Group
Adviser to The Entrepreneurs Network

Main interests:

Renewable energy

Character traits:

Highly competitive
Endless enthusiasm
Makes decisions quickly
Trusts his instincts

Simon’s ReadMe

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In his own words

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Simon writes regularly about the topics that matter to him most: thinking like an entrepreneur, building new businesses, outbehaving the competition, and putting customers first.