Octopus Giving

Octopus Giving is our charitable foundation. It’s our way of helping charities and communities, not just with money but with something even more valuable: our time and enthusiasm.

2220 volunteer hours given last year

£300,000 of grants given to charities each year

£40,000 of matched funding donated

What we’ve done

We’re proud of the time our colleagues contribute to helping our charities. We give back in a number of financial ways too, including through grants, matching funds raised by our employees and additional £20 donations to the charities for every hour an Octopus person volunteers with them.

Our charities

Downright Excellent DEx

“DEx is becoming ever more robust and sustainable, and Octopus Giving has played tremendously significant role in that.”

We donated an additional grant of £20,000 to DEx, a charity helping London-based children with Down syndrome and their families.

This money enabled DEx to fund specialised Down syndrome therapists who worked with 115 families, helping children learn skills such as speaking or walking, which may not have been possible without DEx’s intervention.


“Your support has enabled us to recruit a Southwest Coordinator role.”

FoodCycle, a charity that strengthens communities and reduces social isolation by providing home cooked meals to hungry and lonely people, used our £20,000 grant to recruit a new member of staff in the southwest.

The new coordinator will allow FoodCycle to serve up to 100 guests per week, feeding an additional 90,000 people each year, as well as open up new projects in Southwest cities.


“Your support will help provide money management skills to 1,000 young people across London.”

MyBnk are improving economic education by offering financial literacy workshops to 7-25 year olds.

Our recent £20,000 grant has helped them fund 40 of their Money Twist programmes, covering topics such as wages, taxes, budgeting, pensions, savings and credit cards, bringing practical money skills to 1,000 more young people.

Choir with No Name

“We have big plans afoot to reach even more homeless and marginalised people. Your support will help us achieve this.

Choir with No Name aims to combat social isolation by running choirs for homeless and marginalised people in UK cities.

They used one of our £20,000 grant to fund their core costs, enabling them to focus on expansion plans, included launching new choirs and developing their charity’s model.

Our Partners

As well as our four partner charities, we work with a number of other charities and organisations, including The International Exchange and The Funding Network.

“Octopus Giving is hands down the best corporate support we’ve ever had. You are truly brilliant, adding huge value without demanding resource from our small team.”

– Choir With No Name

“Our partnership with Octopus Giving has been impressively dynamic. They are willing to roll up their sleeves, both on the frontline and behind the scenes! ”

– MyBnk

“Octopus is the best corporate partner we’ve ever had. You really listen to us and are responsive, and you surprise us all the time.”

– Charity Partner

Contact us

If you would like more information about Octopus Giving or are interested in working with us, please email us on [email protected]

Octopus Giving is the working name of The Octopus Foundation.
Registered Charity Number 1161273. OGI014