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Simon Rogerson reveals how to set big goals that will actually make a difference


Kindness – the key to entrepreneurial success

13 November 2019

Simon Rogerson, CEO of Octopus Group, explains why he thinks being kind is the key to success for any business

Six fears every entrepreneur faces

28 October 2019

Simon Rogerson, Octopus CEO, reveals what scares him as an entrepreneur and how he gets over these fears

Why digital platforms are the key to the Octopus vision

27 September 2019

Octopus now has more than one million customers. That’s just the start, says Simon Rogerson.

Wealthtech acquisition shows we’re serious about revolutionising financial services

15 August 2019

Simon Rogerson has an exciting vision for the financial services industry.

Future founders: nurturing a generation that values entrepreneurship

12 August 2019

New report reveals the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well for 14-25 year-olds.

My top five ingredients for business smarts

02 July 2019

Simon Rogerson gives his top five ingredients for business success.