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A new Octopus survey shows families still avoid having awkward conversations around money.


The five business trends that will dominate in 2019

04 January 2019

Companies are beginning to recognise their responsibilities, to their employees and society.

The essential ingredients of a successful co-founder relationship

12 November 2018

If you’re launching your own startup, a co-founder can make the journey far less daunting.

We’re right to crave simplicity and be suspicious of complexity

18 October 2018

Using complexity to get one over on your customers just won’t work anymore.

A company’s purpose should give it the freedom to think big

03 October 2018

Companies need a reason to exist that goes beyond merely making money.

Time for a sincere conversation about honesty

25 September 2018

Companies need to start living their values to win the trust of customers.

The UK’s entrepreneurial talent pool is becoming more diverse

02 August 2018

Today's most successful entrepreneurs have a purpose and embrace life's challenges.