Episode 6. Aron Gelbard

04 June 2019

Organic flower delivery company, Bloom & Wild is the second fastest growing business in the UK, and in this week’s ‘Humans of Business’ interview we meet its founder, Aron Gelbard. Aron was inspired to start Bloom & Wild because he wanted to bring joy to people and saw that sending and receiving flowers was a way to please people ‘on a massive scale’.

Aron candidly discusses the setbacks that he’s faced as an entrepreneur, and explains how he’s overcome them to fulfil his mission of building the world’s most loved flower gifting brand. We learn how business has taught Aron to be patient and humble, and why his biggest personal value is kindness.

Innovation, pride and delight are at the heart of Bloom & Wild, but Aron explains that it’s perseverance and hard work that has led to his success as an entrepreneur. Learn more about his inspirational story by watching his raw and honest interview with Charlotte Pearce.

In Aron’s own words “When we care, people trust us in those important moments.”

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