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Humans of Business – Episode 1. Gina Miller

30 Apr 2019

Gina Miller is the founder of online wealth management system SCM Direct. She’s a fearless author, anti-Brexit campaigner and activist for political and social change, as well as the proud mother of three children.

In this candid and at times emotional Humans of Business episode, Charlotte gets to know the person behind the reputation. Gina talks openly about being a survivor of domestic violence, the inspiration she draws from her children, and why she refuses to back down from confrontation.

Gina also talks about how the language of society and business forces women to become something they’re not, and how having a focused mindset – and knowing what you want to achieve – can make a world of difference.

In Gina’s own words: “We must always remember who we really are”.

Available on Apple podcasts - Humans of Business: Gina Miller


Humans of Business
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