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Octopus again teams up with MPC Creative for TV ad campaign

19 Oct 2017

Octopus has again teamed up with award-winning visual effects studio MPC Creative to launch the second phase of its ‘a brighter way’ TV ad campaign. MPC Creative is a global leader in visual effects, and won a BAFTA for its work on the 2016 film ‘The Jungle Book’. It has also worked on global ad campaigns for renowned brands including Samsung, Coca-Cola and Sony.

“We’re an inquisitive bunch at Octopus, and we love all types of questions”

The campaign is aimed at financially aware customers, expert financial advisers and influencers, all of whom trust mass marketing platforms like television, are heavy video on demand (VOD) users and employ relevant social media for business advancement, knowledge and networking. The new ad aired on Wednesday 18 October, with a slot in the Channel 4 News. It is now showing across several Sky TV channels, all VOD platforms, Sky News, Bloomberg and CNBC.

“It’s only when you question the way things are, that you can start to make things better”

Jennifer Viccars, Head of Group Marketing and Brand, said: “The Octopus master brand displays the personality, purpose and spirit of all the Octopus companies, and our ‘a brighter way campaign’ allows us to articulate our core belief, which is that questions can lead to something better and Octopus can help make tomorrow better than today.

“In June we launched the first Octopus TV ad campaign (introducing our tagline ‘a brighter way’) along with our new group website octopusgroup.com. We’ve updated our website and reimagined the TV ad. We wanted it to delve deeper into what we do, and how we apply our endless curiosity to the benefit of our customers. We feel very fortunate to have been able to work with such a talented and respected team at MPC Creative, and the fact such industry heavyweights have helped us to bring our master brand to life is a sign of just how far Octopus has come.”

Sophie Gunn, Executive Producer at MPC Creative said: “It was great to be able to work with Octopus again, and to evolve the concept of the feathered question marks. When the question marks come together to form a murmuration, there’s a real sense of scale, of togetherness, and a belief that the Octopus way of doing things has almost limitless potential.”

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