Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future

An exciting partnership

Octopus and Jimmy

Octopus has been partnering with Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future since its inception during the depths of the global pandemic.
With three seasons under its belt and an exciting fourth season now underway, we continue to support Jimmy McLoughlin, a former Downing Street business adviser, as he interviews top entrepreneurs.

The origin of the podcast

Having met many of our nation’s best entrepreneurs during his time advising the Prime Minister, Jimmy was keen to democratise the ideas they spoke about. He started his podcast – while being a stay-at-home Dad – to help people with their careers and entrepreneurial ideas.

We share a common passion with Jimmy: celebrating and investing in the ideas, industries and people that will change the world.  

What you'll get from listening

In every episode, Jimmy sits down with entrepreneurs to ask them where they think jobs of the future are coming from and the skills they will need to build their businesses over the next five years. You’ll find a number of familiar faces have already appeared to share their ideas and insights, with more to come.

Simon Rogerson – Octopus Group (Part I)

Simon is the co-founder and CEO of Octopus Group.

In the first part of his two-stage interview with Jimmy, Simon discusses the role of business in society, the shifts we’ve seen from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century and Octopus’s journey to becoming a B Corp.

Chris Hulatt – Octopus Group

Chris is the co-founder of Octopus Group.

In his episode, Chris explains how he and Simon started Octopus from his bedroom in 2000 with a couple of copies of the Yellow Pages, and what he’s learnt along the way.

Ruth Handcock – Octopus Investments

Investing can often seem an opaque world but in this episode, Ruth talks us through what Octopus Investments does and dismantles the long-held beliefs about what you need to start investing.