Episode 8. Lucy Bee

18 June 2019

Lucy Buckingham was diagnosed as Coeliac at just 18 months old. This was the catalyst for her family’s move towards eating natural, unprocessed foods, and it was their discovery of the health benefits of coconut oil which led to the founding of ethical, Fair Trade food and skincare company Lucy Bee.

Lucy’s story is even more remarkable because throughout her life she has battled with anxiety and dyslexia- but she hasn’t let this hold her back, and in fact Lucy has now written many recipe books including ‘Recipe for a Real Life.’

In her interview at the launch event for ‘Humans of Business,’ Lucy talks candidly to Charlotte Pearce about the core, ethical values behind the Lucy Bee brand, and explains why you should ‘follow your gut and always stay true to yourself’.

In Lucy’s own words “I'm an entrepreneur because I care.”


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