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The Anchor – Looking after yourself

9 Oct 2019

We all struggle with mental health sometimes and it’s OK to need help. In this video, you’ll find tips for helping keep your mental wellbeing in a good place, based on the things that have helped members of the Octopus team.

During our interviews, many of our team stressed the need to acknowledge their mental health and proactively work on it, instead of waiting for something to go wrong. Unlike physical health, which many of us work on actively on a daily basis, there’s the false belief that mental health only needs to be considered if there is a problem.

A huge part of this is the idea being too busy - too busy to think about mental health and too busy to take any time to look after ourselves. In extreme circumstances, this can lead to becoming mentally overloaded and can manifest in unpleasant symptoms, both physically and mentally. Proactively making time for their mental health has helped a lot of our team members maintain good mental wellbeing.

In this clip, Caitlin from Octopus Renewables, Toni from Digital Marketing, Simon from Octopus Investments, Uliana from Octopus Real Estate, Ben from the Retail Investment team, Mona from Digital Marketing, Ed from Octopus Investments, and Simon Rogerson, the CEO and co-founder of Octopus, share their tips.


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