Episode 5. Paul Lindley OBE

28 May 2019

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

For Paul Lindley, founder of Ella’s Kitchen, success is all about having a set of values and staying true to your beliefs. Paul’s organic baby food company, named after his daughter Ella, has now made over a hundred million sales across more than 40 countries but, for Paul, business is ‘just a piece of paper’ and money is the outcome from ‘delivering something that improves other people’s lives.’

In the latest ‘Humans of Business’ interview, Paul talks candidly to Charlotte Pearce about how his core values have shaped both his business ethics and the Ella’s Kitchen brand, and he explains how he’s fuelled by a powerful mission to inspire other people.
Paul’s story is one of determination and innovation and is a must-watch for young entrepreneurs.

In Paul’s own words “I’m an entrepreneur because I saw that business was a great way to change the world.”

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