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Adviser Accelerator

1 Jun 2022

Scaling up financial advice

For more than two decades, Octopus has backed entrepreneurial businesses while partnering with financial advice firms to help their clients get the most out of financial advice. Now, we’re backing entrepreneurial advice firms. By providing people, technology and patient capital, we’re supporting the entrepreneurs building the future of financial advice. 

Backing the entrepreneurs of financial advice

We’re strong believers in the power of financial advice. We’ve spent more than 20 years championing financial advisers and the positive role they play in helping people manage their money. 

We’re also a business with entrepreneurship at its heart. We’re still founder-led and we’ve backed many of the UK’s most successful businesses, from Octopus Energy to Zoopla. 

Now, we’re combining these two powerful ideas. 

We often hear advisers worry about how to scale their business whilst retaining the magic their clients love. The bigger a firm gets, the less time founders and advisers have to spend with their clients. Running the business becomes the job. As advisers spend more time running a business there’s a natural ceiling to the number of clients they can look after. There are wider challenges too, including building the technology and operational capability that enables a firm to scale. And there’s the capital needed to make these things possible. 

That’s why we’ve launched a new business: Adviser Accelerator. To provide people who are experts in growing successful businesses. To build technology that enables efficiency and scale. To invest the patient capital advice firms need to grow. And ultimately, to power up the next generation of financial advice. 


About Dan Marsh, Head of Adviser Accelerator 

Dan is passionate about the ability of financial planning to change people’s lives, helping them achieve financial peace of mind and make the choices that matter. Over the last 8 years Dan has had a variety of roles across Octopus Group, building and leading businesses across investments, lending, financial advice and technology.

As Head of the Adviser Accelerator, Dan is focused on backing entrepreneurial advisers to scale their businesses rapidly, utilising the skills and resources of the Group. The most enjoyable part of his role is supporting advice leaders to scale their businesses, solve complex problems quickly and build their people into the leaders of the future.

Outside of work Dan’s love of dogs borders on an obsession.

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If you’re an entrepreneurial financial adviser who wants to scale their business or a potential employee interested in joining the Adviser Accelerator journey, please get in touch.

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