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Volunteering Week 2022 – Celebrating Year One with Thames21

31 May 2022

Time to celebrate

It’s time to celebrate! Here at Octopus Giving, in the spirit of National Volunteer Week, we want to take the moment to celebrate completing our first year of a 3-year partnership, with one of our charity partners Thames21 by shouting out and thanking all our Octopus people who volunteered their time and skills, contributing to the total of 5400 hours volunteered over the past 12 months.  

Building a sustainable planet 

At Octopus Giving donating money to our charities is not the only way we work towards building a sustainable planet. We know donated time and skills can be just as valuable. Over the last year Octopus people gave their time, 1328 hours firefighting the climate emergency through cleaning the river Thames of rubbish and pollution and helping to restore its tributaries by clearing scrub and invasive species on riverbanks. Their skills, sharing their campaign knowledge, advising on all things lobbying, and opening political and press doors to enable Thames21 to build a truly impactful, far-reaching campaign to ban plastic in wet wipes. All with the aim of reducing the amount of microplastics in our rivers and in the long term build a more sustainable future! 

Thank you

Wow – is the only thing we have to say! A huge thank you to all Octopus people who gave their time, skills, and energy to make the world a better place, with a special mention Justine and Bex, from our Marketing team who shared their invaluable skills to make the Wet Wipe Campaign a success. Thank you Octopus Giving and thank you from Thames21:

“Thames21 has been delighted to draw on Justine and Bex’s expertise to help our lobbying and advocacy. Justine is a highly experienced, well-connected lobbyist who understands how policymaking works, and her advice has helped us to lobby more accurately and effectively than we otherwise would have been able to. She has made the ‘tricky’ world of politics easy to navigate and understand.

Bex’s social media and web developing advice has also been brilliant. Due to her advice, Thames21 was able to build a wet wipe campaign webpage via Word Press, create an effective webpage structure and gained more knowledge about SEO optimisation. 

They have been a pleasure to work with and we want to thank them for their excellent work.”

Liz Gyekye, Thames21

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