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Octopus people share their highlights of 2018

17 Dec 2018

From winning awards, welcoming the Energy Price Cap to saying hello to bright new talent, it’s been another fantastic year at Octopus. We asked some of the senior people at Octopus to share their personal highlights for 2018.

Matt Setchell, Head of the Energy Investments team
“This has really been a landmark year. It’s the first time that renewable energy capacity has overtaken fossil fuels in the UK. Renewable energy capacity has tripled in the past five years, while fossil fuel capacity has dropped by a third. Until recently, few would have thought it possible. It’s great news for us, and great news for the planet too.”

Richard Wazacz, CEO, Octopus Labs
“This year, we’ve recruited some amazing talent across Octopus Labs and Octopus Wealth. And our existing teams have really grown and developed too. Our people will make a real difference to our efforts and achievements in the future.”

Benjamin Davis, CEO, Octopus Healthcare
“Winning the Investor of the Year Award at the 2018 HealthInvestor Power50 awards was a real highlight. Octopus Healthcare was praised for our massive work rate and our range of activity. We also scored points for our fresh and innovative approach to healthcare.”

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Fiona Howarth, CEO, Octopus Electric Vehicles
“What I’m proud of this year is Octopus Electric Vehicles launching a market-leading energy tariff designed specifically for electric vehicle drivers, and helping thousands of people as they consider switching to zero-carbon transport. And I’m thankful for working at the forefront of changing the cars on our roads, offering better air quality for our kids, and facilitating the opportunity to go 100% renewables with the help of an absolutely brilliant, smart and passionate team.”

Greg Jackson, CEO, Octopus Energy
“Can I have two highlights? My first is when parliament passed the Energy Price Cap. Distorted energy pricing has sustained bureaucratic businesses for too long. Our principled stand has helped nearly 500,000 customers, plus 10 million more – many who will be noticeably better off. Second, I’m blown away by the team we’ve built. I love our offices in Leicester, Brighton and London. Each driven by their mission and self-sustaining culture.”

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Jennifer Viccars, Head of Group Brand and Marketing
I work in a team where people come at problems, challenges and opportunities from completely different perspectives and see the world in totally different ways. I’m grateful for this, and I think it leads to much better work. We’ve done some really exciting things this year, but making a three-minute ‘purpose’ film and showing it to the entire company at our summer offsite was something special. After all the blood, sweat and tears of putting it together, seeing our film play on huge screens to a room packed full of hundreds of Octopus people was a very proud moment.”

Stuart Sheppard, Head of Brand and Marketing, Octopus Wealth 
“‘My highlight was seeing 40 enthusiastic, curious and conscientious Octopus colleagues throw their hat in the ring for the next round of The International Exchange. Choosing our final four candidates was unbelievably tough, but the whole process was genuinely inspiring. The level of commitment on display from candidates – and their willingness to push themselves out of their comfort zone – was just fantastic.”

Chris Hulatt, Octopus co-founder
“It’s been a really busy year. We’ve spent lots of time spent overseas, meeting foreign pension funds and introducing them to Octopus Group. But the biggest highlight for me is seeing the growth of Octopus Energy – and the amazing customer feedback.”  

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Simon Rogerson, CEO, Octopus Group 
“My business highlight for 2018 has to be Octopus Energy. In a little over two years, it’s grown from a startup to almost 500,000 very happy customers – with over 1,000 joining every day. A personal highlight was representing the UK in the World Entrepreneur of the Year competition, alongside Chris, It was a great experience for both of us, even though we didn’t win.”

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