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What makes a perfect Octopus Christmas?

16 Dec 2018

We asked colleagues across Octopus to tell us what makes their Christmas special – and how they’re planning on going one better than last year’s festivities.

Simon Rogerson, CEO, Octopus Group
“What makes a perfect Christmas? Going away. There’s only so many mince pies and glasses of red wine I can consume before going stir crazy – so we’re heading off to Mexico for ten days just before Christmas. I’ve also made a commitment to run for an hour a day over the holidays. That way, I won’t come back feeling lethargic, or like I need to start the year by going on some sort of wellness retreat.”

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D’mitri Zaprzala, Head of Sales, Octopus Property
“To me, Christmas is all about getting presents for my kids that I can play with. This year, I’m getting my six-year-old a PlayStation 4. He doesn’t realise he wants one yet, but he soon will! The thing that will make this Christmas better than the last? Not having to travel all over the place. This year, we’re staying at home more. If the in-laws want to see me, they’ll have to come to us!”

Greg Jackson, CEO, Octopus Energy
“Oh man… I sort of hate Christmas. Since I had kids, I kind of like the bit when they get excited, although my 12-year-old seems to have bypassed that. I much prefer New Year. We’ll get tons of massive fireworks and have fun breaking all the safety rules. I usually deep-fry a turkey in the backyard. Never tried it? You should! It’s the only way to get your bird juicy and succulent. But this year, we’re going to a hotel for a stress-free Christmas dinner.”

Richard Wazacz, CEO, Octopus Labs
“I’m hoping that my kids decide to sleep in over the Christmas holidays. Usually, they get up at 6am. Every day, rain or shine! I definitely need to stock up on sleep before kid number three is born in January!”

Jennifer Viccars, Head of Brand & Marketing, Octopus Group
“I’m going ‘full-on’ with Christmas decorations on my balcony. Last year, I put up a few tasteful fairy lights. Seeing them on my walk home from the station made me so happy. I could see them all the way from the bottom of the road. So, this year, I’m getting a tree, strings of lights, glitter, tinsel – the lot. I’ll smile every time I walk in the door. And I’m sure the neighbours will love it! I’ll also get out in the fresh air for some long hikes. Nothing makes me happier than ‘rugging up and lacing up’ (as my Australian husband calls it). And walking across the amazing landscapes and countrysides we are so lucky to have in the UK.”

Alistair Seabright, Head of Unquoted Investments, Octopus Group
“This year I’ll learn to chop vegetables the way my wife thinks they should be done. And resist every temptation to give her the benefit of my wisdom and advice on how to cook the Christmas lunch.”

Mario Berti, CEO, Octopus Property
“The one thing I’m planning on doing to make this Christmas better than last year? Not eating turkey!”

Stuart Sheppard, Head of Brand & Marketing, Octopus Wealth
“I’ll spend Christmas the same way I spend it every year. I love that Christmas stays constant in a hectic and fast-moving world. The one slight difference to Christmas this year will be that I’ll get to muck around with my one-year-old nephew. He’s the one recent change to my otherwise fixed festive agenda!”

Jonathan Digges, Head of Specialist Finance, Octopus Investments
“My Christmas wish? No unexpected announcements from OFGEM to spoil the festive period. But on a personal level, I’m hoping for some more self-discipline. Is it really necessary to eat and drink that much? More realistically, I’ll have to forget about any pretence of self-discipline…it’s so boring and middle-aged!”

Benjamin Davis, CEO, Octopus Healthcare
“I’m spending Christmas on the beach in New Zealand, so sunny weather is top of my wishlist. I’m planning a full-on beach Olympics for my extended family. It’s meant to be for the children, but it’s most important to the adults. I have a big and rather competitive family!”


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