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Thank you from MyBnk

15 Sep 2020

Octopus Giving has been working closely with four charity partners, Choir with No Name, FoodCycle, MyBnk and Downright Excellent, since 2017. Over the years, we’ve supported these charities with volunteering, funding and expertise.

We’ve had such a great time working with these four charities, with hundreds of Octopus people volunteering at events, cooking, singing, bucket-shaking, fundraising and helping with IT, marketing and finance. And while we’ll still be supporting them as legacy partners, we’re sad to say we must wish our four charities a fond farewell as partners.

Before we do, it’s time to look back over the past three years with MyBnk. Watch the full video to hear all about our partnership, including how MyBnk have been able to launch more education programs across the UK.

MyBnk teaches young people, from age 5-25, about money. Using expert trainers, they work on content to help improve financial literacy and stop young people from getting into money problems, such as debt or bankruptcy.

Octopus Giving has donated over £140,000 to MyBnk in unrestricted funding, giving them the freedom to put the money into the areas where it will have the most impact on young people. Octopus people have also volunteered at MyBnk workshops and have shared their skills with the charity to support different parts of their business, such as IT and relationship management.

If you missed it, you can watch Choir with No Name and FoodCycle looking back on our partnerships too. And keep an eye out for the final video from Downright Excellent in the coming days.


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