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Volunteering Week 2022 – Celebrating Year One with GoodGym

31 May 2022

Time to celebrate

It’s National Volunteer Week! Here at Octopus Giving, we want to take the moment to celebrate completing our first year of a 3-year partnership, with one of our charity partners GoodGym.  By shouting out and thanking all our Octopus people who volunteered their time and skills, contributing to the total of 5400 hours volunteered over the past 12 months.  

The power of partnerships

At Octopus Giving we believe that the power of our partnerships, is not just the money we give, but the valuable time and skills our people donate each year. Over the past year our Octopus people have given their time to support the incredible people at GoodGym, through providing many hours of recruitment support, advice on diversity and inclusion and putting that into action, as well as a full day of Mental Health First Aider training for the whole team.  

People are everything. That is why most of our volunteered hours given to GoodGym this year were about supporting and building upon their already amazing team. Giving them the tools to continue to succeed and grow in the future. This is one of the of the reasons why we think the way we support charities is pretty cool, and it’s not just us blowing our own trumpet … The CEO of GoodGym thinks so too:

“We’re absolutely blown away by the incredible support you’ve given us. Your financial support is fantastic but your openness to help with all aspects of our charity are extraordinary things we did not expect. We come away from every meeting pinching ourselves!”

Ivo, CEO GoodGym

Thank you

We couldn’t have done any of this without the absolutely fantastic Octopus people who gave their time, skills and energy to make the world a better place. Thank you! 

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