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Octopus Energy awarded “Recommended Provider” status by Which?

17 Jan 2018

Octopus Energy has been awarded a prestigious “Recommended Provider” status by Which? – the only firm in the sector to receive the badge of honour.

The challenger business triumphed in the consumer bible’s annual energy satisfaction survey of 9,000 people.

Octopus Energy has harnessed cutting-edge technology and pursued a relentless focus on customer service to establish itself as a trusted brand in fewer than two years.

CEO Greg Jackson has campaigned tirelessly against the pricing tactics of the Big Six energy firms, which lure customers in with cheap deals before moving them onto expensive Standard Variable Tariffs.

Octopus responded to these underhand tricks by calling for a relative price cap – and launching the first-ever tracker tariff, which follows the wholesale price of energy on a daily basis.

And the firm has led the way on environmentally-friendly energy supply, with its super green tariff supplying customers with 100 per cent renewable electricity and full carbon offsets for gas.

The Big Six have dominated the energy sector in previous years but are now losing business to challenger firms – with Octopus Energy’s customer-focused offering at the forefront of the revolution.

Greg Jackson, CEO of Octopus Energy, said:

“We’re thrilled to be the only energy supplier to be endorsed by Which?, proving that innovative businesses can use technology to give the very best service to their customers.

“Rather than sitting in huge call centres monotonously repeating the same task, our brilliant team at Octopus are able to spend their time every day working on new ways to make our customers happy.

“We believe this is a real turning point for energy customers. This industry is changing and we are so proud that Which? has recognised our role in that transformation.”

Alex Neill, Which? Managing Director of Home Products and Services, said:

“Energy companies should be working to give their customers a fair deal, which includes competitive prices and good customer service.

“If you’re not getting a fair deal you should switch away today to potentially save hundreds of pounds and get better service.”


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