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Press comment: Government helps to unblock investment into onshore renewable assets

3 Mar 2020

Following the announcement from the Department for BEIS, that onshore wind and solar technologies will be re-entered in the next round of the Contracts for Difference scheme (2021), please see the below comments from Alex Brierley, Co-Head of Octopus Renewables:

“We’re pleased to see the UK Government leading the way to help unblock investment into renewable energy assets. Onshore wind and solar can now compete on a level playing field with offshore wind.”

“We’re convinced that, if we are to have any hope on tackling the climate crisis, we can’t just pin our hopes on a single technology. Investors have a crucial role to play in facilitating the UK’s transition to a carbon-neutral future, and this should open the door for significant investment into new onshore wind and solar assets.”

“Onshore wind and solar are highly popular with institutional investors, who are attracted by their long-term predictable cash flows and their strong ESG credentials. This move sends a strong signal that the Government is fully committed to encouraging investment into UK energy infrastructure focused on positively impacting the planet.”


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