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Octopus Energy Investments announces rebrand to Octopus Renewables

8 Jul 2019

Octopus Energy Investments, the specialist clean energy investor part of Octopus Group, has today announced its name change to Octopus Renewables with immediate effect. The rebranding is intended to more accurately reflect the business’s core mission – to accelerate the transition to a future powered by renewable energy.

Since entering the renewables market in 2010, Octopus Renewables has grown to become the largest investor owner of solar power in Europe as well as a leading investor in onshore wind, managing over £3bn of assets globally.

Recent international expansion has also seen significant new investments into Australia, Finland, France, and Italy, establishing a diverse portfolio of clean energy assets with a capacity of 2.3GW, producing enough electricity to power homes in a city the size of Manchester.

Why now?

Renewables are growing in popularity as an attractive asset class that can offer diversification, predictable cash flows and a focus on ESG. However, as revealed by a recent Octopus report, many institutional investors still face barriers to investing, with energy price uncertainty, liquidity issues, and operating and execution costs identified as the most common.

To avoid the devastating consequences of climate change, long term thinking and trillions in new investment is urgently required. As a specialist renewables investor, Octopus Renewables helps to unblock vital investment by building bespoke portfolios of assets at economies of scale, across multiple technologies and markets to reduce risk and deliver sustainable returns.

Alex Brierley, Co-head of Octopus Renewables, said:

“This rebrand is clearly an exciting moment for us and comes as we reach a critical stage in the fight against climate change. With global temperatures on the rise, the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people are increasingly clear. Our mission is to accelerate the investment needed to drive the decarbonisation of our energy infrastructure, safeguarding the future of our planet for ourselves and future generations.”

 Matt Setchell, Co-head of Octopus Renewables, said:

“The decision to change our name became an obvious one, which now aligns more clearly with our position as a leading international investor in renewables. We look forward to building on the huge success of the UK’s energy market, exporting our expertise to new markets and breaking down the barriers for the crucial investment in the sector.”


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