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Octopus Energy gets its tentacles around award-winning nCube Home IOT platform.

15 Oct 2019
  • Energy technology company Octopus Energy has acquired IOT technology nCube Home
  •  nCube launched the UK’s first independent smart home energy management platform in 2013
  •  nCube Home platform now supports over 100 products, including Nest, Sonos and Yale

Octopus Energy continues to cement its position as the home of the smart energy revolution, acquiring the software and hardware assets of nCube Home. 

UK-based nCube Home is a pioneer in IOT platform development, with award-winning tech that acts as a bridge to connect IOT devices, using Z-Wave, WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and LAN.

Octopus Energy will use the newly acquired energy technology (Entech) to drive the smart grid, with more automation for customers and closer integration between smart meters and energy consuming devices.

As part of the deal, nCube Home CEO and Founder Phil Steele has also joined Octopus to lead on development and integration of the nCube assets.  He will act as Octopus’s first ever ‘Future Technologies Evangelist’, using 20 years of experience in internet and telecoms to build partnerships, focusing on electric charging, battery storage, solar, heat pumps and generation.

Greg Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Energy:

“With Octopus’s smart tariffs, customers get cheap green electricity when the wind blows, the sun shines and the grid is quiet. nCube’s technology means this whole process can be automated so customers get cheap, green energy without even thinking about it. Phil is one of the leading minds in smart home connections and we’re so excited to see what he does here.”

Phil Steele, Founder of nCube said:

“I first met Octopus Energy at its Agile Hackday last year, and saw the team shared my vision of a greener energy system, enabled by technology. I’m thrilled that Octopus have embraced nCube and am excited for the next stage in making homes and businesses smarter and cleaner.”


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