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Humans of Business – Episode 2. Simon Rogerson

13 May 2019

“Being open and vulnerable is a sign of real strength in a leader.” Simon Rogerson

In our ‘Humans of Business’ series we remove the armour from entrepreneurs and get to know the human behind the business. This week we meet Octopus CEO, Iron Man enthusiast, and Entrepreneur of the Year, Simon Rogerson, who discusses why out-behaving the competition is the future of business.

Simon firmly believes that “great businesses are about how you make your customers feel” and if you behave better than your competitors “you will have a sustainable competitive advantage, because that’s what people will remember”.

In his inspiring interview, Simon explores the personal values that have shaped the Octopus brand, and discusses what makes a successful entrepreneur. For Simon, it’s not just about having great ideas, it’s also about showing your vulnerability, and surrounding yourself with people who will challenge you.

Watch the video to understand why Simon trusts his gut instinct and first impressions almost a hundred per cent and why he believed businesses should be a force for good.

Available on Apple podcasts - Humans of Business: Simon Rogerson


Humans of Business
Simon Rogerson

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